Best eating spots in the world are on the pinnacle of the culinary world and in the Asian continent, there’s a separate list running for the chart toppers when it comes to gastronomical heaven inducing. During the course of the year the chart names went up and down (as is considered normal) and at the time of November 2016, the chart toppers are as given below. If you are running on the streets of these countries, try to grab hold of promotional events for dining at one of these.

         ·            Gaggan of Thailand

One of finest places to save up and eat at (even counting the best rooftop restaurant Bangkok on the street), this place is a pride, joy and idea of Gaggan and the best reason for visiting this place is the sheer ingenuity that is displayed on the plates when your order comes up. Each dish is made to showcase the ingredients included in making it (look up the pictures on Google), and the Indian street food is at the height of their combined ingredients. You get appetizers like onion pakoda, pappadam and keema samosa with a modern twist added to the regular recipe which is then followed by the main courses named wonderfully (try the ’Who Killed the Goat’).

         ·            Narisawa of Japan

The spot for eating the cooking of the world famous chef Yoshihiro Narisawa, the place tops even the best of the italian restaurant Bangkok groups of the origin country. Narisawa’s menu changes with the seasons to enhance the different ingredients that come and go with the seasons as well, and the delicious concoctions has menu items that has stuff like sea snake with taro potatoes, aptly named the ‘bread of the forest’ dish. Ingredients are authentically Japanese so do not panic if you run into names of ingredients that you may have never heard of before.

         ·            André of Singapore

Guided on the octaphilosophy of the chef, the eating hotspot has elements of Taiwanese, Japanese, French and Singaporean cuisines embedded in its dishes. So if your favorite Japanese dish can be combined with the earthy food tastes of Taiwanese dinner table toppers in some dishes of sunday brunch in Bangkok. Take your pick and be surprised. Some of the other awesome must-eat-at spots on the list made are ‘Amber’ in Hong Kong, ‘Nihonryori Ryugin’ of Tokyo, ‘Waku Ghin’ at Singapore, and ‘Indian Accent’ of New Delhi. Although it may cost a bit to dine at these places, the experience will leave you wondering about your regular food intake. When going down to some of the countries take the chance to drop into one of these great places and enjoy an excellent dining experience.

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